buy clomid 50mg Why I set up this Consultancy

buy Lyrica online ireland For many years while working on multi-million transformation programmes for the large corporate companies
http://daviddmorse.com/tag/singleness/ I worked alongside some of the high profile and well known corporate facing consultancies and had two thoughts: soon ​​
  1. The first being about the fantastically high value contracts they negotiate in the corporate world with equally high day rates for their consultants.
  2. The second posing a question of ‘what help and support is available for the smaller companies that could not possibly afford these high end fees for managing transformation and change within their businesses’.
It is with this in mind that I decided to set up my own consultancy, ensuring highly skilled project resource are available at a more  realistic cost. 


Our Team

Our team comprises of highly experienced strategists, business analysts, project and change managers whose backgrounds have been with the large corporate businesses, professionally qualified in all their particular roles they bring extensive knowledge and experience to any project or workplace.

Who is leading the team?

Amelia Bishop

Senior Strategy and Operational Consultant

Amelia Bishop is Managing Director of Amelia Bishop Consulting, a firm that were the 1st to offer specialised Brexit consultancy services.

With a wealth of experience spanning multiple sectors of the corporate in addition to starting and running businesses in the fashion, automotive and finance industries, Amelia uses her considerable expertise to assist UK businesses negotiate the complexities of dealing with Brexit.

With impeccable connections to key Brexit insiders, trade authorities and industry experts, Amelia is a comprehensive source of knowledge on all things Brexit. With a thorough understanding of what commercial enterprises face, the potential effects of changing regulations and the solutions demanded, she established her consultancy to support and advise companies, enabling their leaders to obtain the clear, factual information that is imperative to managing issues that arise as Brexit unfolds. 

Amelia’s aim is to assist businesses in minimising and eliminating risk wherever possible. Her extensive networks and insights encompass a number of specific industries and evolving areas in the aftermath of Brexit, including compliance, regulations, legislation and a changing economic landscape. The consultancy is committed to tracking the UK economy and Brexit’s impact. 

Amelia’s corporate history includes some of the UK’s most prestigious firms. At Nationwide Building Society, Amelia was a Senior Business Analyst, transforming HR systems in the business readiness work stream. She led business change and transition programmes for the National Trust, and at telecoms provider O2, she overhauled many of the mobile operator’s key IT processes. With many highly successful consultancy projects on her resume, Amelia has delivered solutions to companies such as BAA and multinational Ferring Pharmaceuticals. She also been part of delivering transformational change at British Energy and the Research Council UK Shared Services Centre.

Mr Robert Devine

Senior Political and Economic Consultant

Bob Devine provides economic input to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. Previously he was Head of Business Development at Oxford Economics for 5 years, after completing 35 years in Investment Banking in Toronto, London, Brussels and Luxembourg, and before returning to the City to do Asset Management for charity clients at Ashcourt Rowan and EPIC Asset Management. He is a former Associate Director of Barclays Bank, managing their Capital Markets business in the Benelux for 8 years and a former Director of Nat West Markets, managing their Capital Markets business in Continental Europe for 7 years. For 20 years he had daily dealings with the money market operations of the European Commission and the Portfolio Management Division of the European Investment Bank, he is also a former member of the European Bond Commission which overseas constant developments in government debt markets and money markets, and corporate bond markets throughout the EU. In his career Bob has been a stockbroker, a foreign exchange trader, a money market trader, a bond trader, an institutional bond salesman, a sales manager, an associate director of capital markets and a director of capital markets.

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