BREXIT2018-10-18T15:49:59+01:00 “BREXIT will bring the biggest Change Programme the UK has seen since WW2″

Take Control and don’t let the changes control your business!

Sông Cầu Our Brexit Centre has the knowledge and capability to take your business into the future.

A message from our Director

Our Brexit Centre has the knowledge and capability to take your business into the future.

Our BREXIT Centre covers the BREXIT spectrum and provides help to any business, any size.
BREXIT is bringing enforced change to how we live and work, and we know how challenging running your business has become since the vote to leave the EU.
We bring you an unbiased practical view considering the pros and cons of our leaving the EU with no political noise.  
We understand how the ‘Brexit’ word can and is turning attention away from what’s going on, and all the political noise and uncertainty has added to shutting it out.
But that really isn’t wise with the impact the changes to our economy is having across many industry sectors.

Covering all angles of Brexit for Business

We are so busy with our usual business activities, how do we have time to constantly listen to the news from both the UK and EU as well as listen to the MP’s and subject matter experts, policy makers, lawyers etc?

We decided to set up our Brexit Centre because understanding of what leaving the EU means to businesses is a full time job in itself,

so what do we do? 

  • Separate the fact out of the political noise and monitor what’s happening with the economy at the same time.
  • Aware of how precious time is when you need to focus on your business, looking after the customers and suppliers, the profits and forecasts and knowing that by taking your eye of them, they won’t look after themselves.

We take away that pressure by being there for you in understanding what the implications and risks of our leaving the EU 

means for your business.

Enabling you to manage BREXIT within your Business

Are you a business leader?

Not quite sure how to begin managing the uncertainty and change that’s happening in your business?

We can resolve that through our training by upskilling you, and or your delegated representative.

Some recent workshop feedback

“It was a day well spent, and we did really benefit from the ‘Brexit Immersion’, which provided us with a focused day of structured discussion and planning that gave us a lot to take away and work on, we will certainly be recommending this workshop to other businesses ”

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Our Brexit Hub of ‘Factual Only’ Information

Contact us to see how we can help your business.

Our Brexit Hub is a ‘factual’ hub of information that will enable your business to manage its way through the changes as and when they come, the factual information we hold is structured by industry sector to ensure you only get the information you need.

Available through subscribing to an industry specific newsletter, keeping you informed and one step ahead.

Our Brexit Hub offering includes:

  • A general Brexit newsletter
  • An industry specific Brexit newsletter

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Information is Critical

We must make sure that we stay current, whether we see BREXIT as an opportunity or disaster, whether we are active or nonchalant, whatever our stance we need to be informed.
Information is vital, we continually need information to ensure we meet our legal, cultural and ethical obligations as individuals and business owners.

Without information we would struggle to operate and meet our obligations.

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