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There is no doubt that BREXIT will affect business but to what extent depends largely on the outcome from the negotiations with the EU. Parliament will also have to pass new legislation having reviewed all EU laws and replacing some of them. These currently unknown factors will determine how BREXIT will affect business in terms of trade and legislation.  ​​

There will be changes to hundreds of policies that we live our lives by and over 700 trade treaties, changes to existing HMRC regulations with customs and taxation and loss of EU funding to many industries. We could struggle with increased costs to import and export, feel the loss and impact of skilled and semi-skilled workers and be impacted by travelling outside of the UK.
​The level of impact from BREXIT will vary significantly dependent on your businesses industry sector and specific trade within it.
Simply, what we need is fact and not speculation, certainty for the economy and currency, and decisions.

Our Brexit Hub

The database of information holds all information by industry sector, country, regulation and legislation.

Our Brexit database has been specifically designed to cover all Brexit related topics and industry sectors.

It holds general Brexit information and ‘factual only’ information on the risks, impacts and opportunities that Brexit will deliver not only across our country but also reshaping how are business industry will look in the future.

To gather and maintain the data in our Brexit hub we continually review the news, keep up with information from industry bodies and work with subject matter experts across differing professions.

We speak to businesses large and small to understand, review and monitor how their businesses are performing during these changing times, this activity provides valuable insights and information across different industries.

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Giving You Time to Manage Your Business

We are so busy with our usual business activities, how do we have time to constantly listen to the news from both the UK and EU as well as listen to the MP’s and subject matter experts, policy makers, lawyers etc?

It is because our understanding what leaving the EU means to our businesses is a full time job in itself, sifting the fact out of the political noise and watching what’s happening with the economy that we decided to set up this Brexit consultancy. 

Time is precious and you need to focus on your business, looking after the customers and suppliers, the profits and forecasts and you know that if you take your eye of them they won’t look after themselves.

This is where we can help by taking away that pressure and being there for you in understanding what the implications and risks of our leaving the EU means for your business.

Our Brexit Hub offers specific factual information for your industry sector and through a monthly subscription you can receive industry specific Brexit newsletters that only details the information that matters to you.

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