Top 10 – Industries impacted by people not booking holiday flights

This week EasyJet  announced they had seen a fall in the number of travellers booking flights this summer citing Brexit uncertainty as the cause. Home Return travel to the airport, taxi’s and coaches with fewer jobs available Airlines, fewer airline and airport service staff required Holiday toiletries such as sun creams, suitcases, holiday clothes, insurance [...]

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Technology is a catalyst for change

It’s exciting to hear how our world is full of tech start-ups and established technology companies taking us on the journey through machine learning and augmented reality, and the level of scientific creativity is brimming over changing our lives to make them easier or more fun. The advancement and the evolution of technology is reshaping [...]

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Evolve or be left behind?

The time for complacency in business has gone. This is now the time to accept change and embrace it!   People - whether they are your customers, suppliers, competitors or your employees they are all people, and in general people like consistency and are often reluctant to change, change can rock our lives and our [...]

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The threat to companies in Honda’s supply chain could turn into opportunity

Following the announcement this week of Honda’s intention to close its Swindon operation with the announcement of 3500 job losses at the plant and potentially another 3-3500 impacted in their supply chain, Amelia Bishop who is a change consultant that specialises in Brexit change may have some good news for some of the supply chain [...]

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Critical areas to consider when dealing with Brexit change

Soon after the referendum a small cloud of uncertainty started to hover over the UK, as time has progressed the cloud of uncertainty has grown significantly. The uncertainty has brought change, the change has been caused by the risks triggered by the uncertainty, but remember Brexit is all about change, it is the biggest transformation [...]

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10 Steps to improving business resilience during challenging economic times

Recently, I had made a professional HR business owner aware of all the economic and Brexit related considerations from a HR perspective. They were both shocked and said they found it scary (their words). Their next sentence said it all, “I think we are all under estimating the depth of impact that we are sleep [...]

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Swindon businesses amongst half a million across the UK in ‘Significant’ distress

Data released by the UK’s leading business recovery specialists Begbies Traynor has identified an increase of 44% for the 4th quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year. The trend was reflected in Swindon, where amongst the sectors faring worst were construction which saw an increase, Bars and Restaurants increased by 31%, Industrial Transportation and Logistics [...]

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The Governments Brexit Impact Assessment on the UK Economy

Why is the government refusing to publish its “impact assessments” on what Brexit might mean for the UK economy? David Davis insists that the papers will not be published because the government believes they would undermine the negotiations and the national interest. But they could help companies with forward planning for Brexit…….  Some of the [...]

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UK GDP Release 25th October 2017

  Today’s preliminary UK GDP estimate from the ONS showed an upward surprise with growth of 0.4% in Q3, beating expectations of 0.3%. Sterling shot upwards above $1.3250 on the news as the pathway for a rate hike at the Bank of England’s November 2nd meeting looks to be a sure thing. The futures implied [...]

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