Adapting to Change in the Workplace

fulgently Although change within business is commonplace, we are in for times of unprecedented change in the coming months and years, whether it’s global change or more local change such as Brexit impacting our business or strategy, each aspect of change must be carefully managed to achieve successful delivery of the change.

neurontin 300mg warnings Change into a business must not only take a top-down approach but also a bottom-up approach to ensure thorough adoption within the environment receiving the change. Where it will affect customers or suppliers effective communication and potentially guidance or training to these groups must also be included in any delivery plan. Over time even large organisation have managed changes so badly that they damaged their reputation and made it into the news headlines.

Boscoreale It’s not worth taking the risk.

Examples that require thorough management of change

Brexit Wholesale change is expected from leaving the EU. Our Brexit related knowledge enables us to mitigate risk, define contingency plans and manage change for our clients. 

Growth Change

Planned and unplanned growth usually brings change which must be managed carefully, it can involve employees, clients, suppliers, products services, business structure etc. 


A systems upgrade or transformation can bring broad change, an implementation without careful management of the changes it will bring may result in the impact on the organisation outweighing the business benefits.

Office Relocation

Whether business upsizing or downsizing results in the businesses need to relocate, it is essential to communicate with everyone affected along with the necessary service changes that need to happen to minimise the impact of this change.


Restructuring a business usually occurs with either growth or retraction of a business, as with an office relocation this requires careful management of the change especially for employees, customers, and suppliers to minimise any impact on the business.

Regulatory Change

We are used to having to comply with regulatory and legislative changes such as MiFFID II and GDPR , and we may find that the level of regulatory change could massively increase from our leaving the EU.

It is essential that these type of changes are managed proactively and in advance of the live date.

The need to be informed about what they mean to a business is crucial to avoid fines/penalties which could adversely cause reputational damage.

How we manage change successfully

We understand what management of successful change looks like because we have managed large change programmes for large companies. 

Here are the process steps we follow for successfully managing change.

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