Evolve or be left behind?

http://heavenlyplastics.com/wp-content/plugins/radykal-fancy-gallery/admin/generate-code.php The time for complacency in business has gone.

Independence This is now the time to accept change and embrace it!


buy Pregabalin online People – whether they are your customers, suppliers, competitors or your employees they are all people, and in general people like consistency and are often reluctant to change, change can rock our lives and our habits, and whether we like to admit it or not we are all creatures of habit in some way.

Our mindsets have had it easy for a long time, for the younger among us there hasn’t been any real change and we have become used to a consistent life, whether it’s struggling to pay the bills each month or enjoying more financial freedom through buying online from all over the world or travelling.

So when we’re faced with the thought of change that may alter what we are used to, we try to ignore it and carry on hoping it goes away or believe we can just deal with it when it happens.

This type of resistance or attitude to change can have consequences, either:

  • The change will happen when you’re not expecting it, simply causing a panic.
  • The change will happen and have consequences that you have not prepared for.

Change can take us out of our comfort zone, we fear it because we don’t understand it or it seems too complicated to deal with now, but whatever the reason behind resistance we need to stop making excuses.

Complacency can cause boredom, lethargy and be a demotivator, we can feel that we’re on a hamster wheel but lack the confidence or motivation to do anything about it.

It has a negative impact on productivity causing us to operate at a slower pace and it can have an adverse effect on new employees causing them to operate at the same level as their complacent peers, before you know it your productivity levels are at half speed causing increased recruitment costs and impacting profitability.

https://parafia-stafford.pcmew.org/2882-dtpl76496-szukam-dziewczyny-you-tube.html View change positively and accept it!

As a nation we need a cultural shift to change our mindsets and how we view and approach change because we are in a fast-paced changing world and any business that doesn’t accept and embrace change could find it has a limited future.

Change can open opportunities, brainstorming with the team, blue sky thinking or thinking outside of the box opens a world of new ideas.

Whether you like the change or not, being in control of a situation is far better than letting it control you.

Imagine what an awful shock it would be if someone said you must move out of your house, a huge difference to you deciding you would like to move, we all like to be in control of our destiny.

Choosing to move to a new house is said to be one of the most stressful things in life but to something bigger and better it is exciting, it motivates you even if does mean a lot of preparation, so a worthwhile change.

Change in business

In business, we are facing change from many angles but naturally not all changes apply to all businesses, typically it depends on what you do and which sector you are in as to the level of change.

Without doubt some change will affect all businesses either directly or indirectly, and to provide a guide as to the purpose of this article we have detailed a brief list of what is rocking our stability and where we change is coming from:

  • Recruitment challenges
  • Industries, such as automotive and retail
  • Trade wars and increased prices
  • Consumer habits and choices
  • Technology
  • Climate change
  • Populist governments
  • Brexit – the people’s choice and political instability

A couple of the above changes are planned but most are as a consequence of decisions or changes to the environment.

Accepting and embracing change

By accepting and embracing change your approach to change will be positive, being proactive will reduce anxiety and you will feel a sense of relief and achievement by facing change head on and complete it. Demonstrating the positivity in embracing change.

If you would like help with improving your motivation for change or that of your team, or would like information of what change could mean for your business, just give us a call.

Join us in being knowledgeable, positive, motivated and proactive when it comes to embedding and managing change for our clients, because it will make all the difference.

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