How is your company coping and how good is it’s operating model?

Our USP is knowledge and experience in how to deal with and resolve different business situations from working with O2, EDF, Nationwide, National Trust and Axa to smaller manufacturing, construction, automotive and technology companies together with extensive knowledge of the current economic landscape and global changes that are occurring.

In summary, we know how to resolve business issues on the inside and how to deal with external threats and changes.

We are working with a real mix of businesses, from those that are flying and growing by seizing opportunities to those that are treading water or seeing a loss in sales because of  sector changes or the changed economic landscape.

And variations arise largely based on sector , situation and mindset of their leaders.

How often have you thought  one of the following:

  1. “Wow! Growth has gone through the roof but we’re working 18 hours a day and fire fighting to get orders out”
  2. “Sales have fallen for the x consecutive month/quarter and we’ve increased our marketing spend and sales calls, but it’s not working”
  3. “There is so much uncertainty around we’re putting investment on hold”
  4. “There is so much uncertainty around but as we don’t know what’s going to happen, we’ll carry on as we are”

While each of the points above can cause anxiety they can often be resolved or at least improved when you know how to deal with them as we do.

So let’s look at each one in more detail

  1. Growth

From testing the market with new products or services to worries about letting customers or investors down, unplanned growth can have unplanned consequences.

It not only puts immense pressure on the business leaders but on all the staff as well and in times where employee engagement and resilience is being tested it’s great on one hand but not the other, and it is also unsustainable over time.

Growth is usually attributed to great vision, and great marketing and sales but how often does the company’s operating model get overlooked, with processes creaking at the seams or worse no process in place to deal comfortably with the success situation unfolding.

2. Onex A fall in Sales

Many company’s at this time are having to face a fall in sales, it usually not only takes great ideas but also out of the box thinking to turn things around especially where heightened sales and marketing have not seen the expected results.

Failure to recognise your customers experience and/or expectations have fallen, or an unawareness of the changing landscape of your clients, or increased competition taking your sales through to assuming your products/services are still what customers want or can afford are all other factors that result in a loss of sales, no matter how good your sales and marketing are.

3. Ząbki Uncertainty resulting in putting investment on hold 

Putting investment in your company on hold not only causes growth to stall but also causes concerned employees productivity to fall with competitors leaping ahead and seizing the opportunity to grow.

We are going through unprecedented uncertainty at the moment and company’s have made a decision to put investment on hold, on the flip side how many have really thought through the negative consequences of that action? And how long are they prepared to continue with that strategy? Indefinitely while the uncertainty continues?

The current uncertainty could continue for some time which is why companies must seriously reconsider both sides of this strategy.

4. rencontre homme sete Ignore the uncertainty and carry on as we are

The uncertainty has brought change and naturally as humans many fear change, but are you aware that change brings opportunities.

It is a great time to let go of complacency by considering what and where the company is going, its strategy, business plans and products/services and even who it is selling to.

The theme here is embrace change and seize the opportunities while making your business ship shape inside and out.

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