Is Philip Hammond right?

In his conversation this morning live on the Andrew Marr programme, Philip Hammond has said he will resign if Boris Johnson wins because he does not support Boris’s view on leaving on a no deal, he said he will resign before Teresa May goes to see the queen.

It is not customary for me to speak out politically on this subject, but I feel the need to pick apart what he has said.

“We need to leave with the best deal possible” is what I am challenging.

I am every bit a European and have always enjoyed the freedom and ease of movement, both business and pleasure and diverse range of products on our shops shelves. In addition, my father was Italian and I have still have family in Italy.

In 2016 I was a remainer, in part for the reasons above as it’s what I’ve grown up knowing.

However, in 2018 and seeing it all, warts and all – and totally frustrated and embarrassed by the UK’s political inability to agree and seeing the arrogance and humiliation towards the UK from senior EU’s officials I came to realise that we really do need to leave, and there is no longer an option of going back to where we were.

I empathise with the frustration of our friends and colleagues that voted leave given where we are now and the untold damage to business during the last 3 years.

But is Philip Hammond being a realist at this point?

He also said that there is virtually no time left to agree a different deal with parliaments recess and the change of the EU commissions top leaders.

Times, indeed have changed and maybe we really do need a new forward facing government rather than what we’ve had traditionally.

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