Our Mission: To improve productivity by a minimum of 3%

Fafe “Regularly check, measure and realign productivity targets to each occupied role”

Stockton “Loss of focus and productivity that goes unnoticed causes complacency and a loss of interest in throughput,

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Key Productivity Areas

Productivity is the key enabler for the success and profits for any business because without high productivity levels you will be losing profit unnecessarily and could be losing out to a high productivity competitor.


It’s important to understand what your team members do, their motivation and their skill set. Complete a skills analysis versus role to ensure that you have got the right people in the right role and to understand how individual team members can progress within the organisation.


How effective are your working practices? Operational processes should be continually reviewed to ensure they are as effective and efficient as they were when first implemented, continual review will also ensure that you are maximising the skills ability and ensure process timings are monitored on a regular basis within your organisation.


Minimise the amounts of meetings that are held that you and your staff attend, determine if there is an improved way of communicating what’s necessary such as through email or by telephone. A huge amount of time is spent on holding pointless meetings, if you need to hold a meeting consider holding a standing meeting as this way of meeting has proved to be more productive and less time-consuming.


How focused are you or your team? It is essential to focus on one activity at a time as multi-tasking has proven to be ineffective in the completion and success of tasks. Spending key time with your employees discussing how they feel about their job, understanding if they can recommend better ways of doing things and asking them if they would like to move within the business will have a positive effect on their ability to focus as they will feel more appreciated and motivated.


Not having up to date systems and tools may hinder employees in achieving the maximum productivity level, it is vitally important that where possible systems and tools should be updated on a regular basis to take advantage of new features, providing employees with the best tools will not only improve their productivity but will also improve their motivation.

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