“Business resilience is the ability an organisation has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity”.

How we deliver resilience to business We don’t believe in doing half a job, we dig deep into a business and produce results ensuring the business is in the best shape to move forward.

clgen-casino-it As professional business analysts and strategists being thorough is in our DNA and our economic model shown below highlights the areas that we look into as part of an assessment. Our economic resilience assessment is designed to form part of your business continuity and disaster plan and is not intended to replace it.

What could the impact on your business be if resilience wasn’t inbuilt?

The level of businesses that are structured for growth or even have a business plan in place varies widely,

even if a business has a plan, is it regularly reviewed and updated, and does it include a resilience assessment and contingency plan?

How could your business be affected?

We bring economic, strategic and operational resilience into a business that may be volatile to changes from one or any of the following:

  • Industry reinvention – such as automotive and retail,
    • ‘What lifespan does my traditional garage business have with electric and self-driving vehicles?’
    • ‘How do I cover my retail overheads given that shoppers habits have moved significantly to online?’
  • Changes and impacts since our vote to leave the EU,
    • Reduced consumer spending
    • Increased product costs
    • Uncertainty over longer-term subsidy payments
  • Uncertainty since our vote to leave the EU 
    • ‘Should I move some or all of my business to an EU country?’
    • ‘How will future trade agreements affect my business?’
  • Regulatory changes – i.e. GDPR, Digital Tax etc

So, what has changed and why ‘now’ is so important

When did you last measure your business’s level of resilience?

During what was ‘normal’ trading time when nothing much changed, planning for the future by reviewing your plans and strategies was all that was needed.

Now, however as we are in somewhat unchartered territory, no longer is reviewing plans and strategies in isolation enough, reviewing your businesses resilience against economical influences is crucial for stability and longevity.

With lower consumer spending, higher prices and fewer workers to name just a few, it is essential that a thorough, deep dive into the finances, customers, suppliers, operational procedures and staff is undertaken, embedding resilience ensures the business is prepared for the changing years ahead.

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