Top 10 – Industries impacted by people not booking holiday flights

where can i buy Lyrica tablets This week EasyJet  announced they had seen a fall in the number of travellers booking flights this summer citing Brexit uncertainty as the cause.

Piteå Home

  1. Return travel to the airport, taxi’s and coaches with fewer jobs available
  2. Airlines, fewer airline and airport service staff required
  3. Holiday toiletries such as sun creams, suitcases, holiday clothes, insurance
  4. Travel articles, suitcases, holiday clothes and shoes
  5. Travel insurance

eventually Away

  1. Car hire requirements reduced
  2. Return airport transfers, taxi’s, coaches and tour guides
  3. Accommodation, hotels and apartments with fewer jobs available
  4. Leisure, childrens clubs, restaurants, bars and beach activities
  5. Currency traders, banks and foreign exchange staff

Reutov In total, at least 8 industries impacted

Transport, product suppliers, manufacturers, insurance, banking, hospitality, hoteliers, retail outlets

Business areas impacted, jobs, profits, production/service schedules, forecasts, business strategy and plans

Simply understanding the change isn’t enough without analysing the wider impacts.

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